When You + Your Person Don’t See Eye to Eye on Art, Make Your Own

My wife and I have totally different tastes in art. There are very few pieces that we have seen together, that we both really love. And we frequent galleries, museums, art shows, all of it. While it has been challenging, I have grown to extra appreciate the handful of pieces we both really love. Her taste is not particularly my taste, and vice versa. I am a little snobby to be honest, I like what I like, and I’m working on it. There is this huge empty space over our couch in our living room, that has remained empty since we moved into our first home, a year and a half ago because we do not see eye to eye on what should be done with that space. There is also the factor of cost. It’s not like Hayley and I have been to a gallery or a show, seen something we both completely adore, and yelled, “wrap it up!” The art we both really love tends to fall into the $10,000 – $1,000,000,000 category. And one day we may have the budget to start our own collection, but for now, we have this empty space.

So we decided to make our own painting.

We went to a midnight sale at Art & Frame and bought the 36″ X 96″ canvas, picked out a handful of paint colors that we both enjoyed, and the canvas sat in our dining room for a month. She would ask me, “So, are you going to start that painting tonight?” I would respond, “Yeah, probably.” And I didn’t touch it because I have this thing with preciousness, and making mistakes. But one night at 11 PM I got started and many nights after that, I did little bits, here and there. When I got stuck she told me to turn it upside down and that worked. Until I stared at this thing, so hard that I couldn’t find anything at all I wanted to change. It works for us. The colors remind me of her.

These are just phone photos but here is the progression:



















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