Tara Kills it in Paradise

After Tara approached me about doing some.. ‘personal photos’ to celebrate her 15 year wedding anniversary, of course I was in. But it wasn’t until the day before the shoot that I found out she had never had her photo taken professionally. Not since her wedding anyway. She had also never had her makeup professionally done (since her wedding), her clothes chosen for her, none of it. She said, “Ali, good luck with me,” and I laughed because she is so stunning in person, so sweet and full of love and gratitude. No luck needed Tara.

My wife and I found this absurd but gorgeous location across the parking lot of an outlet mall. I know. But it’s so incredible! Rows and rows of Florida Palms. Just waiting for us. I wanted the feel of this shoot to be sort of Florida grown, like you could really feel the heat and humidity in the air. And we definitely could.

Tara showed up looking perfect, and helped me drag a love seat about 150 feet out into 3 foot grasses. No snakes. After that, we started rolling and all she did was listen exactly to what I suggested of her and everything glowed. After 5 minutes of shooting, she caught the vibe of what we were doing and it just kept getting better. I sincerely loved making these pictures. She was so fresh to work with, and so humble. And seriously, so HOT. This woman has 4 kids! Good lord.

There are some stunners that I cannot share because of some possible butt cheek, but here are a few safer gems:














TWK_022_BIG copy






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