Who I Am

Thank you for your look into my work, I’m Ali Kesner.

When I started to make pictures, I felt that this was what I was meant to do.

I truly feel I am a natural born artist. It is something I could never fight off even if I tried. It is a very beautiful privilege.

I come from a fine art background, with my roots in drawing and painting. My internal intention when making photographs for clients is to really make art.

I love to photograph people when they feel beautiful.

I love to photograph people when they feel like today they are entering into something new. One of the most awesome parts of making images for other people is getting to meet those people. I enjoy listening to what this person is looking for, what their vision is. And then I get to help. I get to pull together all of those moving parts. Create a relationship within them, bring an effective and decisive movement to what they are looking for in making these photographs.

Many of my clients have chosen me as their photographer because they trust my vision and sensibilities.

I can’t wait to make some art with you.

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